Corona-Maßnahmen zum Gesundheitsschutz

In order to protect the employees of our company as well as third-party companies (suppliers, hauliers, fitters), we have introduced precautions in accordance with the general Covid-19 pandemic rules, which we urge to comply with.

As with influenza and other acute respiratory infections, cough and sneezing labels (keep distance from others, sneezing into the arm bend or in a paper towel), good hand hygiene (regular and thorough hand washing), distance to others (approx. 1 to 2 meters) as well as regular cleaning and disinfection of community facilities protect against transmission of the coronavirus.

Für Anlieferer (u.a. LKW-Fahrer) oder Mitarbeiter von Dienstleistern ist das Tragen eines Mund-Nasen-Schutzes in geschlossenen Räumen im gesamten Unternehmen verpflichtend. Das vorhandene Desinfektionsmittel ist zu verwenden. Mitarbeiter von Schretter & Cie sind angewiesen, ausreichenden Abstand zu halten und die Anlieferer/Abholer aufzufordern, die aktuellen Vorschriften einzuhalten.

In case of ambiguity, please contact the respective master of our plants

We will observe developments closely and adapt our actions if necessary.

Let us protect ourselves and others from contagion and disease.