Special Binders

Schretter Special Binder "SF" and "HS-SF" are well-suited for tunnel and gallery constructions. The binders are adapted for dry or earth-moist surcharges. They contain no setting accelerators and they also do not need them for the rapid development of strength.

As the only Austrian manufacturer of rapid-setting cement Schretter & Cie dominates a niche in the supply industry for high quality finished materials. With the Schretter Rapid-Setting Cement we cover a wide field of applications in the mortar industry and the construction chemistry.

The Schretter Cement for Plasters PrimoCem enables the production of machine-produced plasters, which can be finished-worked at an early stage.
The stiffening behavior of the cement can be controlled by means of the plaster composition, so that the optimal reaction characteristics can be set in the mixing plant of the plaster manufacturer.

Concrete additives are hydraulically effective combination products, and consist mainly of blast furnace slag and fly ash. 
In accordance with ÖNORM B-4710 such materials may be added to the concrete, taking account of the relevant standards in order to influence certain properties of concrete.


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